N.I.Te provides innovative software technologies for automatic document processing, especially handwritten documents, both off-line from static images, and on-line from handwriting coordinates acquired by several devices. NITe’s technology is able to read handwritten words also without a lexicon and not provided to the system during the learning step, overcoming the limits of the others solutions in the market. Another important advantage of the technology is the capability of learning from a reduced data set of training samples, which makes convenient also for small companies and institutions with a reduced documental heritage using an automatic system for data capture. The technology is independent from any writer, alphabet and reference language and more in details it is able to:


For extraction and automatic reading of information, such as characters, numbers or cursive handwriting, that are present in structural or not structural documents.


For indexing and spotting by keywords of relevant handwritten documents in huge digital archives, both modern and historical.


Analysis of static and dynamic features of handwriting.


Masquerade is a software for the analysis and the evaluation of morphological and dynamic features of handwriting. The software is tailored for handwriting experts, both from forensic and HR sectors, is able to automatically measure handwriting features and reduce the time needed to produce a report.

HandBiblio is a software for indexing and searching by keywords in handwritten documents contained in huge digital archives (modern or historical). The software is particularly recommended for libraries, professional firms, private companies and public institutions that need to manage their digital heritage. HandBiblio is also quickly customizable on any dataset of words, and able to learn from a reduced dataset of samples, obtaining a reduction of the time and cost for the customers.

ApPost is a software for extracting and automatically reading information in digital documents, mainly handwritten documents. The software is able to automatically process structured and not structured documents by reading numeric and alphabetic fields and also handwritten words, not provided to the system during the learning step, by dynamically changing and quickly updating the lexicon, if required

About US

Natural Intelligent Technologies (N.I.Te) was born in 28 May 2012 as a spin-off company of the University of Salerno. Our mission is to commercialize the technologies created and developed in the Natural Computational Laboratory (NCLab). N.I.Te provides innovative technologies and advanced software solutions for automatic processing of digital documents, especially handwritten. The proposed solutions are based on an innovative and patented technology developed in twenty years of research, for automatically reading cursive handwritten documents. Our target customers are SME companies and public institutions which need automatic solutions to manage their digital archives.

Our Team

CEO of N.I.Te
He was Research Fellow on automatic postal address recognition. He got a PostGraduate Master in Air Traffic Control at Selex Sistemi Integrati, a FinMeccanica company; he’s in charge of startegic and operational management of the company.
CTO of N.I.Te
He got a PhD from University of Salerno where he is working on forensic analysis of forged handwritten documents. He is in charge of technical development of the products and of all support activities to the development team.
President of N.I.Te
She got a PhD from University of Salerno where she worked on handwriting generation models , she worked as Visiting Scholar at Brown University of Providence (USA) and she worked as Post-Doc Fellow at IIT. She mainly works on Research and Development activities.
Angelo Marcelli
Angelo Marcelli
Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Engineering Faculty of University of Salerno Salerno and Director of Natural Computation Laboratory. He has more than twenty years long experience in research project management and he is in charge of management of Intellectual property.
Claudio De Stefano
Claudio De Stefano
Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Engineering Faculty of University of Cassino, he works on research topics related to Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence.