Masquerade is a software for the analysis and the evaluation of morphological and dynamic features of handwriting. The software is tailored for handwriting experts, both from forensic and HR sectors, and is able to automatically measure handwriting features and reduce the time needed to produce a report.

Import the document to analyze

Able to read any image format such as BMP, JPG, PNG o TIFF images with any resolution.

Segment automatically the document…

Use the feature “Segment” to automatically identify the words in the document.

… or select manually

Use the feature “Draw” to select the words that you want to analyze.

Go into details

Visualize any measured characteristics of the selected words.
You can also visually evaluate some characteristics such as caliber, slant and the distance between the components, and obtain the corresponding numeric values.
Moreover you can join or cancel the individual parts and for each part you can also visually evaluate the characteristics.

Analyze the ink

Masquerade is able to automatically recover the dynamic of handwriting of the selected component. In case the automatic recovery show errors, you can manually change the dynamic obtained with the feature “Edit”.

Analyze the characters

From the ink trace composed by several characters, the software is able to automatically segment the single characters and to evaluate the characteristics for each character.

Produce the report

At the end of the analysis, you can print a report with all the measures obtained from all selected words. You can choose between several formats, such as PDF, Word and Excel

Watch Masquerade in action with the video tutorial

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